House and Grounds

Fortsville is thought to have been constructed around 1770 with a rear addition completed around 1792.

Fortsville Interior


Here is Fortsville in 2006.
Fortsville front

And in 2012




Rainbow Over Fortsville looking east.

The house is situate on a 4 acre lot which was taken from a farm of about 1000 acres around 1970.  The farm was a plantation and the house has been standing since about 1792. It was the home of Lewis Fort and his wife Elizabeth Coleman Fort. Both are buried in the family cemetery.

The house appears to have been built in two stages: the earlier part, the front, and an additional section in the rear built later.  Since the front section of the house so resembles the Semple house in Williamsburg, said to have been built in 1770, we estimate that the front section of the house at Fortsville was built sometime near 1770 also. The  Semple House in Williamsburg does not have the rear addition as does Fortsville.  To see the Semple House click on the link below:

The rear section is thought to have been built by 1792 about the time that Lewis Fort married Elizabeth Coleman.  The front section was possibly built by Lewis Fort’s parents, John Fort and Olive Thorpe Fort. John Fort is thought to have died in 1791. We do know that John Fort was the owner of the land and believe it to have been part of the estate of Olive Thorpe’s grandfather Timothy Thorpe I.

John Y. Mason married Lewis Fort’s daughter Mary Ann in 1821 and the couple took up residence with her parents immediately after marrying.  It may have been named Fortsville by John Y. Mason, but Mason was not the builder. Because JohnY. Mason was such a prominent political figure of his  time, the house is called John Y. Mason’s Home.

Click below to view the historical marker for the house.

Historical Marker



Fortsville Interior